Retiring and living in El Salvador is like waking up in a tropical, peaceful, place where life is simple, more in tune with nature and surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

El Salvador combines the modern conveniences of every day life with the tranquil pace of country living.  El Salvador’s natural beauty is known for its 190 miles of coast, amazing sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and tropical warm climate.  Alongside this nature paradise, there are modern office buildings, international department stores and malls.

Life is slow and quiet.  The people in El Salvador are not in a rush or highly stressed due to a fast lifestyle, that is characteristic of life in the U.S. or other highly industrialized countries.  This very easy-going way of life is something that is immediately noticeable with spending just one day in El Salvador.  We all want to live care-free as possible while enjoying our surroundings with minimal stress, and El Salvador is a place where this kind of lifestyle abounds.

El Salvador is a warm and friendly place…a place that has a lot of unexpected beauty.  Due to its relatively quiet tourism industry, you can experience its charms almost by yourself—including lush cloud-forest trails, active volcanoes and sparkling lakes.  Punta Roca, El Salvador’s most famous surfing spot happens to be one of the best right point breaks in the world, yet it is side-lined compared to lesser swells in Costa Rica and elsewhere.

With first-rate universities, museums and galleries, a vibrant bar and live-music scene, and an array of progressive NGOs, both local and international, San Salvador is a stylish and cosmopolitan capital.

Cost of living is low.  You can live very well with a Social Security check alone.  As far as for investors, there are many un-tapped business opportunities in the country. 

Beachfront property here is inexpensive…you can buy villas just a few steps from the blue Pacific Ocean for less than $100,000.

El Salvador is a place of great beauty and treasures that are waiting to be discovered.